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Welcome to our children wall decals world for Canada.

We are providing a large variety of nursery wall decals and kids wall stickers art for you to bring some joy and color to your children's own space. Most of them are in cartoon style which is always the best love for kids and they will be happy to live with some cute animal friends at their rooms. The decals are all made in vinyl that is a kind of chemical group widely seen in our daily stuff. So there is no need for parents to worry about the safety problems. This type of decals is easy to install and totally removable. You may enjoy the process of installment with your kids and have some fun putting them up. Just click your mouse and pick up some for your children. They will surely be happy to see some lovely animal friends or cartoon plants walk into their rooms and accompany them with their growing up. If you are from Canada, you can also buy from these beautiful nursery tree wall decals and get free shipping.

Colorful Tree and  Lovely Animals
SIZE: 110*62inches/ 280cm*156cm This decal is our best selling, and kids all like it. You..
$100.0 $65.0
Pink Tree with Flowers Around
SIZE: 59*46inches/150*118cm This beautiful flowering tree wall decal is here with a dark bro..
$49.0 $39.0
Green Tree with Colorful  Butterflies
SIZE: 51.2''*70.9 ''/130cm*180 cm Have you ever imagined having a tree in the middle of your..
Chalkboard Children Wall Decal
Size:45 x 200cm (18IN. X 80IN.) This black board wall sticker is very fit for kindergarten and ch..
Zebra Kids Wall Decals
Size: 35"*33"/90*85cm Zebras decal will create a safari ambiance in any of your rooms. If you ..
Tree Growth Chart with Animals Wall Sticker
Size: 71"*73"/180*185cm The adorable design of animals will definitely make your room look fun...
Pandas Eating Bamboo
Size: 35"39"/90*100cm Pandas are Chinese national treasure. You can apply it in your kid's room t..
$49.0 $34.0
In This House We Are A Family
SIZE: 22*50 inches/55*128 cm   In This House We Are A Family Wall Decal will remind you o..
$72.0 $49.0
Long Neck Giraffe under the Sun
Size: 40"x 51" (100*130cm) In this hot summer, the long neck giraffe walks under the Sun. Why she..
Monkeys Playing Nursery Wall Decal
SIZE: 63*63 inches/ 160*160 cm   The Monkeys Playing under Trees wall decal pack is ..
$59.0 $46.0
Read and Learn Wall Lettering
SIZE: 23*13 inches/57*33 cm Why is reading so important? Reading transports us to other worl..
Racing track Growth Chart
Size: 71"/180cm It can be affixed in your children's room to measure their height.   ..
Brown Reed
Size: 67"*43"/170*110cm It is time to harvest. Yes, autumn comes into your home. You can app..
All You Need Is Love and Joy
Size: 39"*31"/100*80cm There are green leaves and white flowers are in the bicycle. They will b..
Pink Fairy Sitting on the Moon Playing with Stars
Size: 35"*28"/90*70cm The elegant fairy is sitting on the moon, playing with the stars. She is lo..
Trip to the World Children Wall Decal
SIZE:  41*30inches/105cm*75cm This map is the beginning of your World Travel. Dream ..
$129.0 $95.0
Lovely Owls with Friends
Size : 40"x40"/100cmx100cm This Decal is the most adorable one for your kids. These ..
Elegant Ballet Dancer
Size: 130*105cm (51" x 41") This ballet dancer is very elegant. You can apply this wall art ..
We are the Champions
Size: 24"*31"/60*80cm You can apply this wall decal in your boy's room because they always like p..
$49.0 $38.0
Photo Frame Tree
Size: 47"*67" / 120*170cm Photo Frame Tree The fairy tree has a versatile design that can..
$69.0 $48.0
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Invite some lovely friends to your nursery & kids' bedrooms

Children is the representative of innocence, pureness and loveliness. They love lovely things and would definitely love to grow up in a kind environment. So being their parents, how to build up their living ambiance is quite a crucial problem. Many nursery rooms are equipped with colorful and lovely things such as plush toys, cartoon pictures and so on. Today, I would love to highly recommend a newly emerging nursery decor which is called kids wall decals. After coming out, they rapid become the most popular decor among the children. They are impressed by its large amount of patterns and styles, its easy appliance as well as the good looking they are on the walls. You could try this beautifully designed wall stickers canada shop. Kids are the sunrise of a family, and they should be well taken care of and their rooms should be well decorated as well. It could not be better to apply this innovative interior decor at your nursery and turn it into a more warm, comfortable and conducive to grow up.

The wall decals for kids are all made in vinyl. So they will absolutely be not harmful to our health. Children's thing is always healthy and harmless so parents can set your mind to apply them. This decal is thin like a piece of paper and will look like originally on the wall but not being put up on. As the nursery wall decals are all self-adhesive, the installment is quite simple that you do not have to employ some extra tools such as glues or adhesive tapes. Just use your fingers to peel off the cover and then put it up onto wherever you want. That's quite easy and you can finish it just in a few minutes. If you are tired of the decals on the wall for years, they are completely removable. And you do not have to worry about the sticky residues left on the wall after the decals are removed. That's why wall art decals have fast become the most welcomed interior decor in recent years.

In addition to the above, our nursery vinyl wall art decals are boosting the different kinds of styles and patterns for any age and any place. You may shop by room here, or by the interest or theme. Also, we are proud of our wall decals for nursery since a wide range of lovely cartoon decals is available here. Not only nursery category, we also maintain a lot of popular categories such as tree & flower, animals, city & travel, modern & retro, music & sports. The best sellers of our wall art decal online shop is the nursery one which I would love to especially talk about.

For kids, we have a lot of cartoon styled decals such as cartoon animal friends, cartoon trees and flowers. They are all in cute cartoon style which will definitely become the best love of kids. Many children are lonely at their own space, so they are very desiring to have some friends with them. Cartoon animal friends on the walls will make them happy and they can totally finish the installment by themselves. What’s more, besides the decorative animal or plant wall decals for children, you can also find the educational art decals here. We especially design for kids who is going to learn to read and write. That is alphabet decals. Most of our alphabet decals are in cute cartoon animal shape, which will attract children's attention to learning and reading them. They are lovely and colorful and will not only serve as a decor but also as a educational sheet. Still, black chalkboard wall decals are also one of our best sellers. Many customers said that their kids are very fond of this innovative way of writing and would be so happy to write on the walls. Black chalkboard decal is not just a black decal. There are also some lovely animals and flowers added to make the learning more joyful. Some kids also love the weekly planner wall decals because they are able to have a detailed list of what they are going to do every week. As for me, I love a new category which is called photo frame wall decals. You may have the way to hang up your best pictures on the walls in the frame and frame is often on the branches of a tree. I think have a photo wall at home is quite meaningful because it will show the best memories of you with some important persons in life. It will also remind you of the happy days you spent in the past.

Do you think this awesome decal is very expensive? The answer is absolutely no. People choose them to decorate their interior house because they are affordable, too. Just a few dollars will turn your space into an art gallery. And we have also got some special offers: If you buy 2 decals at one time, you will get the third one for free. If the entire order is over $50, you will not have to pay for the shipping. What are still waiting for? Just click your mouse, and do feel free to contact us if you have any problems about selecting or purchasing. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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